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You might find it shocking to learn that radon gas is present in nearly all homes and buildings. This odorless, colorless gas is a byproduct of uranium naturally present in the soil. It’s also the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the US. Typically, radon gas enters the home through wall joints, water supplies, and cracks in slabs. Elevated radon levels pose a health hazard over time, and modern construction is particularly susceptible to trapping these gasses within a near air-tight environment.

Should I get my Home Tested for Radon?

According to the EPA, yes. They recommend that every home should be checked for Radon levels. If the test comes back exceeding a certain level, your certified home inspector will suggest a radon abatement strategy. Radon abatement typically involves ventilation in the crawlspace or slab used to vent these gasses away from the home. Once the system is installed, you can have another test performed.

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A B Home Online has been in the home inspections business since 2000. We offer radon gas testing as an independent service or an add-on to a scheduled home inspection. If you suspect radon, or you’re just concerned about the long-term health risks, give us a call. 205.835.5211

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Radon Testing

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